If you own or operate a business here are some suggestions for how you can  demonstrate its corporate social responsibility credentials (CSR) through being RiverSmart


RiverSmart Australia seeks to offer your business a range of ways to showcase its CSR credentials.  Some of these are as follows:


  • Regular (quarterly) audits of water consumption and quality using the RiverSmart check lists, and striving through corporate strategic planning to progressively improve your performance in both these areas, thus reducing the river footprint of you workplace or business. Gain a point of difference from your business competitors by gaining RiverSmart Business status !


  • Have your business adopt a stretch of river (100 metres perhaps) under one of our RiverSmart Rehabilitation Reach projects and getting your staff involved in regular hands-on rehabilitation.


  • Providing sponsorship support for your local RiverSmart Rehabilitation Reach project, other than through staff time (see above).  Gain local kudos for helping to fund local actions to fix local problems.


  • Sponsoring the development of RiverSmart water quantity and quality guidelines and audits for your particular type of business. 




Corporate Partnerships Expertise:


RiverSmart is pleased to advise that it has joined forces with Jen Quealy of tbl (triple bottom line) creative partnerships to benefit from her expert advice in developing corporate partnership arrangements.  She has more than 20 years professional experience in community, government and corporate partnerships in environment, natural resource management, landcare and coastcare. 


For more about tbl and for advice on how to contact Jen, click on the logo below.




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