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Don't think that just because you live in a town or city you don't have a river 'footprint'.  Follow this link for answers to your questions

Urban Australia has a role to play in fixing the problems with our rivers - become a RiverSmart home today.  See the link below.

How much water does a bath need compared to a shower, or a water saving shower head ?  How much water does a leaking tap lose ? 

Native shrubs, drip irrigation and mulch - all help save water in your garden where the typical household uses around 40% of their water.  The bonus is you'll get more native birds around your garden.

River reach rehabilitation


Willows, carp, pollution, weirs and dams - what's the problem with all these things ?  Follow this link for answers to your questions



Macquarie River at Wellington (above) -
now with willows removed,
contrasted with the overgrown Molonglo River
near Canberra (below). 
The river can just be seen through the
willows and blackberries (green circle)







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