In today's world of changing climate we hear lots about us all reducing our 'carbon footprint'. 

In the same way we all have some impact on our rivers, irrespective of where you live, and with some thought it is possible for each of us to reduce our 'river footprint'. 

Here are some ideas for how you can join this new community movement designed to give us all the opportunity to play a role in seeing our rivers rejuvenated.

It all comes down to how much water we each use and how much we pollute it as it passes through our lives on its way back into the rivers - that is, think water quantity and water quality.

Here are some options RiverSmart suggests - for each, follow the link to more detailed information.

Become a RiverSmart home - do our quick and easy RiverSmart home audits.  These will tell you how to use less water.....and how to help keep our water cleaner so it doesn't harm the waterways.

Why not become a RiverSmart school or class ?  Great educational opportunity as well as getting your school to help make a difference.

How about your business getting involved ?  It's not just factories that can pollute our rivers.....all businesses have a 'river footprint'.  Find out what yours is, and then maybe do some things to reduce it, and become a RiverSmart business.

Maybe you run a farm....becoming a RiverSmart farm should save you money, reduce your river footprint, and, if done right, improve your bottom line.

Perhaps you want to make a bigger difference and up-size your RiverSmart effort.  What about a RiverSmart community, town, suburb or street initiative ?  Or, if you're really serious, consider a RiverSmart rehabilitation reach with a friends and colleagues.

If you're a business, we'd love to hear from you about sponsoring our work.  We have lots of options for sponsorships (coming soon) - follow this link.


Reducing your 'river footprint' is easier than you think.

We all have an impact on the health of our rivers, meaning there are things we can all do to help.


'how can I use less water ?' and 'how can I help make our waterways cleaner ?'

You can reduce your 'river footprint at home, at work, at school or on your farm. 

See the links at left or below to find out how.

Be RiverSmart, help revive our rivers and save money while you're at it.

A bucket, a shower timer and a water saving showerhead in the shower are all simple ways to help reduce your river footprint

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