Kim Russell


Kim has had a farm management career extending over 25 years.  This has included work for large and international corporations managing irrigated food production. Since 2003 Kim has worked for himself at the interface between Government and the agricultural industry.

Kim has concentrated strategically in two areas, water and greenhouse issues. He has had involvement in a wide range of rural community and resource management issues developing an invaluable network of people in farming, industry, government and non-government organisations.

 Kim brings a broad network across rural Australia, particularly in the irrigation sector. He has particular skills in the identification and management of corporate irrigation investments. He maintains commercial interest in farming and there is a high demand for his experience in decision support systems and knowledge of greenhouse and water issues, these are particularly relevant in today’s emerging carbon market world.


Hawkesbury Agricultural College- Bachelor of Applied Science, (Agriculture) 1984.

Graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program 1996.

Completed 3/4 of a Masters of Business Administration at Canberra University. (Weekend intensive program) 2008.

Tara O'Connell



Tara O’Connell was born and raised in the Hunter Valley of NSW.  After spending 8 years studying organizational psychology and business management at Newcastle University she had found herself working in Regional Development, with a particular focus on the Sustainability of Regions.  This work was was fuelled by a passion for true sustainability, including Environmental, Cultural, Human Resourcing, and Financial sustainability.


Tara was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia 6 years ago.  HWCA is a community not-for-profit organisation in the Hunter Region of NSW.  The Hunter Wetlands Centre has been established since 1985 as a Centre for the conservation of wetlands through community capacity building, education and tourism.  It owns and manages one of the 4 private Ramsar wetlands in NSW and plays a critical role in the Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness raising of wetlands across Australia.


Tara’s passion lies in developing and working with true sustainability in action.  She is currently working with her Board and team of people to bring about cultural change focussing on the environmental, economic and social values of environmental organisations. 


Tara is a Trustee of the Belmont Wetlands State Park, and currently holds a position on the Australian Wetlands Alliance, NSW Ramsar Managers Network, and Newcastle Tourism Advisory Board. 

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