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At key locations around the country, RiverSmart rehabilitation reaches will be established to take on large scale restoration works - illustrating what can be done through innovative, community-based actions. 


RiverSmart rehabilitation reaches are lengths of rivers, and their associated floodplains, notionally up to 200 river-kilometers long, within which there are a range of management actions and prescriptions advanced as part of an integrated package. 


The word ‘integrated’ is important here as RiverSmart reaches are specifically designed to overcome piecemeal and ad hoc planning approaches


RiverSmart reaches are not designed to be ‘flash in the pan’ projects, but rather long-term solutions which are carried forward by stakeholders over many years.


These may include actions to see water quality improve, reduce impacts from floodplain activities, promote improved water use efficiency and sustainable agriculture and help bring people back to our rivers to help boost rural economies.


Under a RiverSmart reach there may be a 'demonstration reach' (see example at left); a portion of river and floodplain where intensive rehabilitation works are undertaken to showcase a return to river health.


The first rehabilitation reach projects RiverSmart is involved with are as follows:

Capital Region RiverSmart - for the both the Molonglo River and Upper Murrumbidgee River, the Macquarie River in central NSW and the Lower Murray in South Australia.  Follow the links to find out more.

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