The RiverSmart concept can be introduced into a community in a range of ways.  You might decide to start by getting schools involved, and then encourage local businesses to become RiverSmart, and maybe sponsor local on-ground actions to see your local river become a RiverSmart Reach

Alternatively, you might say, let's start with fixing up the river and use that to get people interested in helping, either by getting their hands dirty, by becoming RiverSmart homes, or through local businesses coming on board.

It doesn't really matter how you start, but the RiverSmart approach is about helping to understanding about their river footprint and that there are lots of ways we can each help make a difference. 

If you're interested in creating a RiverSmart community initiative, contact us, or fill in the form you can download here and send it to us.

For our summary leaflet - download it here.



RiverSmart communities - finding ways to  reduce their river footprint.


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