In order to become a formally recognised RiverSmart school you must first meet certain criteria. 

These are as follows:

1.  Undertake our RiverSmart schools audits for both water consumption and river pollution;

  2.  Write the results of your audit up into a report and include description of the steps your school proposes to take to reduce its river footprint.  You also need to document what the current level of that river footprint is in terms of water consumption, and river pollution (if you can*).  Submit this report to RiverSmart Australia to tell us you plan to seek RiverSmart school status.

3.  Then, over the next 12 months you need to redo the river footprint audits every 3 months (approximately) to document how well you've done in meeting your targets for reducing the water consumption and river pollution footprints of the school.

4.  Finally, submit your results for these four audits to us, also showing how water consumption has declined compared to the previous 3 years, and, if possible, how the quality of water leaving your school in stormwater drains* has improved.  You will also need to submit with this report, something that shows how your school plans to stay RiverSmart over future years.  This might be a school RiverSmart policy adopted by the Board, or a similar body, for example.

5.  Assuming you meet these criteria we will send you a RiverSmart School sign and certificate, and we will list you on our web site, plus give you the chance to have photos and other information about your school on display through our web site too.

So, get started now and become Australia's first RiverSmart School !


* consider joining the Waterwatch program so your school can monitor the quality of water in nearby stormwater drains, creeks and rivers.


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