Camping by a river must be done thoughtfully in order to minimise your river footprint - see tips provided at right

Campfires are one of the highlights of camping, but there are some recommended ways to reduce their impact on the environment and minimise bushfire risk - see at right



Picnicking, camping and swimming


If you like to picnic, camp or swim near waterways their are some recommended ways to reduce your 'footprint'


Some of the more important tips are as follows:


Camp in established areas where possible, so as to avoid trampling shrubs and other seedlings of important river bank trees like Red gums.  Look for sites that have firm soil or well established low grass cover and that are back a bit from the river so as to minimise soil erosion when it rains.


Don't litter - take all your rubbish, including food scraps, with you. Don't burn it or bury it, as wildlife can dig it up. If you find other people's rubbish, do the right thing and pick it up and bring it back to dispose of properly.


If you have smokers in your group, ask them not to throw butts into the bush or river - these can be a fire hazard also.


Ensure plastic carry bags don't end up in waterways.


Use toilets where they are present, but if not possible be sure to bury faecal matter well away from creek lines and areas where it may wash into the river.


Avoid camping too close to sensitive wildlife breeding areas, such as waterbird rookeries.


 In high fire seasons, check to see if campfires are allowed on the days you are camping.


If you light a campfire, try to do so in established fire places or pits, rather than create new ones. 


 Be sure to extinguish fires carefully to reduce the risk of bush fires.


Ideally, bring your own firewood, but if this is not feasible, avoid burning large 'habitat' logs that are so important for wildlife. 


If your group is bushwalking, canoeing, water skiing/jet skiing or fishing as well, see the tips for how to reduce the impacts of these related activities through the following links:   Bushwalking - Caneoing - Water skiing - Fishing

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