Canoeing provides an  ideal way to get fit and see your river up close.  But, please remember to be RiverSmart when you're doing it.




Canoeing is a very popular river-based sport and recreational activity.  While considered a passive form of river use, it can still have some negative impacts.


Some tips for how to reduce your river footprint from canoeing are provided below.


If your caneoing group is also camping or picnicking on the river bank, see the tips for how to reduce the impact of this through the following link:  Camping


Some tips for how to be a RiverSmart caneoist:


Where possible, select launching and landing sites that are used regularly and avoid creating new ones.


Avoid going too close, or canoeing through sensitive wildlife breeding areas, such as waterbird rookeries.


Don't litter - take all your rubbish, including food scraps, with you. 


If you have smokers in your canoe group, ask them not to throw butts into the river - these are pollution too.


Make sure any empty plastic carry bags don't blow into the river as you're paddling along the river, or when camping.

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