Fishing is probably our most popular recreational activity - join RiverSmart and help see our native fish numbers recover

Bill Phillips, CEO of RiverSmart, likes to dangle a line too !

Carp are a pest species that through RiverSmart reaches it is hoped to tackle the challenge of reducing their numbers (Photo:  J. Higham)




RecFish Australia is the national peak body for recreational and sport fishing.  To quote RecFish,


“Australians just love fishing. More than 3.5 million Australians regularly fish for recreation and sport. This means about one in every five Australians enjoy fishing and one of every two Australian households owns fishing tackle. Fishing is one of the most popular recreational and sporting activities in Australia. People of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy fishing.” 

RecFish Australia have available through their web site (see URL below) the voluntary National code of practice for recreational and sport fishing, which has 13 principles under four areas of fishing responsibility, as follows.   

1.  Taking no more than our immediate needs.

2.  Understanding and observing all fishing regulations and reporting illegal fishing activities.

3.  Supporting and encouraging activities that restore and enhance fisheries and fish habitat.

4.  Preventing pollution and protecting wildlife by removing rubbish.

5.  Using established roads and tracks.

6.  Taking care when boating and anchoring to avoid damaging sensitive areas.

7.  Reporting environmental damage and pollution to the relevant authorities.

8.  Avoiding interactions with threatened species and their critical habitats.

9.  Quickly and correctly returning unwanted or illegal catch to the water.

10.  Using only legal tackle, attending our gear and valuing our catch.

11.  Practicing courtesy towards all those who use inland and coastal waters.

12.  Obtaining permission from landholders and traditional owners before entering land.

13.  Caring for our own safety and the safety of others when fishing. 

If you wish to know more about the above, we suggest you go to the RecFish Australia web site –

If your group is camping on the river bank, bushwalking, canoeing, or water skiing/jet skiing as well, see the tips for how to reduce the impacts of these related activities through the following links:  Camping - Bushwalking - Caneoing - Water skiing 

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