Water skiing and jet skiing are both exhilarating water sports but, please remember to be RiverSmart when you're doing them.



Waterskiing and jet skiing


Water skiing and jet skiing are both high energy sports that can impact on the health of our rivers and wildlife unless care is taken.


Some tips for how to reduce your river footprint from these activities is provided below.


If your group is also camping on the river bank, bushwalking or fishing, see the tips for how to reduce the impacts of these related activities through the following links:  Camping - Bushwalking - Fishing


Some of the more important tips for how to be a RiverSmart water skiier or jet skiier:


When travelling through areas with eroded banks, reduce speed so your wake doesn't further accelerate bank slumping.  This applies especially to wakeboarders.  Slumping dumps soils into the river smothering aquatic plants, reducing the habitat quality for wildlife and making the water dirty.


Where possible, use established boat ramps or select launching and landing sites that are used regularly and avoid creating new ones.  Reduce speed when approaching these to keep the boat wash to a minimum.


Avoid skiing too close to sensitive wildlife breeding areas, such as waterbird rookeries or along reed bed areas.


Take extreme care if refueling; petrol and rivers are natural enemies !! If a serious spill occurs report it to the relevant authorities ASAP.

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