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Managing rivers for people,
wildlife and sustainability.

RiverSmart Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting stakeholder-based management and restoration of the Macquarie River in the central and far west of New South Wales.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy rivers to Australia’s future, and provide opportunities for all Australians to reduce the impacts they have on our rivers - their ‘river footprint’.

We established and operate the Window on the Wetlands (WOW) Centre in Warren; our headquarters.

The WOW Centre is an education, recreation, tourism and cultural centre, open to the public seven days a week. It is also one of the 'gateways' to the iconic Macquarie Marshes. 


What We Do

All our community and education initiatives.

Help Us Keep Our Rivers Clean!

RiverSmart has the well established Blue Bucket Fund and is always in need to receive donations.  All donations to our Fund are tax deductible.

If you're interested in helping our work, please donate directly through PayPal Donations.

RiverSmart Australia Pty Ltd. is a registered not-for-profit organization.