Doug McKay – Director


After leaving school Doug worked on the land in his family partnership until he was 30.  At this time he then commenced studying Law with the University of Sydney Law Extension Faculty.

Doug spent 5 years in employment with several well known Sydney law firms before being admitted as a Solicitor in 1979.

Since 1980, Doug operated a general legal practice at Lovett & Green, the long established Warren legal firm, with branch offices also at Nyngan and Cobar and, for 27 years, a fulltime office at Bourke.

His practice included a lot of water law and he developed a great interest in the management of the inland river systems, particularly the Macquarie and the Barwon-Darling.

For the last 5 years Doug has also been President of the Cobar Water Board, Alternate Chair of the Western Lands Advisory Council and Delegate from that Council to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority Northern Basin Stakeholders’ Advisory Panel.

Doug continues to practice in the water related area of law at Peacockes Solicitors in Dubbo.

He has a deep interest in securing a balanced and equitable sharing of water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin and he believes that Riversmart plays an important part in achieving those objectives.