RiverSmart Australia Ltd holds Tax Deductible Gift Recipient status from both the Federal Environment Department and the ATO.

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Funds donated are deposited in RiverSmart’s Public Fund, the Blue Bucket account.  A five-person Committee then decides on how the funds will be used in accordance with RiverSmart Objects as set out in our Constitution.

The members of this Committee at present are all from Warren and include:

  • Mrs Barbara McKay
  • Mr Philip Leman
  • Dr John Burke
  • Mr Tony McAlary
  • Dr Bill Phillips

Each year RiverSmart has to provide a report to the Federal Environment Department outlining how all donated funds have been used. 

With the help of funds donated from community members and businesses across the central west of NSW, the WOW Centre now has nine shelters each with eight interpretive and educational panels about the Macquarie River, the Marshes plus cultural heritage of the region.