Promoting RiverSmart behaviour among those who get out and enjoy our rivers.

As a nation, Australians love to be near, in, or on our waterways.  Water sports and recreational activities are a core part of Australia’s lifestyle. 

Many of these ways we use and enjoy our rivers are considered very passive, with minimal impact on river health.  Others, unless undertaken sensitively, can harm the very place where people are relaxing and having fun.

This has been recognised by those keenly involved with these various activities and for many voluntary codes of conduct have been developed.  

Below we have listed the most common river-related activities, and where we have been able to find them, provide for your information summaries of these various codes of conduct, or links to where you can find them.

RiverSmart is about encouraging people in all parts of their daily lives to consider their river footprint, and for those of us who love to relax and enjoy our rivers, we have special motivation to adopt RiverSmart principles, and to help conserve and revive our precious waterways.

CLICK HERE and you can download some recommended Codes of Conduct for the following river-based recreational activities:

  • Picnicking, camping and swimming
  • Bushwalking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Horse-riding
  • Four-wheel driving and trail bike riding
  • Water skiing and jet skiing
  • House-boating
  • Respecting place of cultural significance