Just like at home, there are many ways you can also help your school reduce its river footprint. 

Again, it’s all about reducing how much water your school uses and ensuring it is not polluting our waterways. 

Water quantity and quality.

DOWNLOAD our water saving and river pollution checklists* here to find out how your school could use less water.

Remember that every drop you save takes pressure off the rivers, and helps our wildlife.  It also makes the rivers healthier places for us all to enjoy.

The checklist will also show you and your classmates how to reduce your impact on the quality of the water leaving your school. 

What you put down your drain may be causing river pain which ultimately impacts on us all!

* Important point:  It is essential that you discuss doing these audits at your school with your teacher first.  Some aspects of the checklists require teacher supervision and advice.

And, after you’ve done the audits, maybe your school would like to be formally recognised as a RiverSmart School – contact us for further details about the schools’ accreditation program. 

One thing you will have to do is use your audits to help you prepare a School RiverSmart Policy and have it formally adopted by the school Board (or similar body).