Reducing your ‘river footprint’ at home is easier than you think! 

It’s all about water quantity and quality.

Saving water at work

Do our quick and easy RiverSmart home audit: [download here]

These will tell you how to use less water and how to minimise your negative impacts on nearby rivers, streams and wetlands. 

Every drop you save takes pressure off our rivers, and  what you put down your drain may be causing rivers pain!

Saving water in the home

The price of water is set to rise, so by reducing home water use you get a win-win result. You save money while also helping to revive our rivers. 

After you’ve done the water audit, set your family a target to reduce water use by a bucket per day, or maybe a bucket each. 

It all helps!

Are you polluting our waterways?

Why should we be concerned?  

Water from our homes eventually flows into rivers and streams, either via the sewer system and treatment plant or stormwater channels. 

Rivers are much closer than you think, and what you pour down your drains may be causing unnecessary pain for our rivers, especially the wildlife. 

Pollution can also make our urban lakes unfit for swimming and other recreational uses.