Designed to complement the Sustaining River Life Curriculum package RiverSmart has developed it’s so-called Outdoor classroom.  

This is a series of portable A-frames as shown below, each of which focuses on a key issue relating to river or wetland health, or about water conservation, water quality or the predicted impacts of climate change on our riverine assets.

Teachers can borrow the full set of these A-frames (there are ten) to run a class themselves in their own school grounds or beside any nearby river. Alternatively, we can organise to run classes at the Window on the Wetlands Centre in Warren.  A charge will apply in the latter situation.

Each panel poses a question about river health with several possible answers provided. The students have to work out which of the responses provided is either True or False; thus testing their knowledge about this issue. 

RiverSmart also provides a Student check sheet plus a Teachers’ handbook which provides the answers and explanatory information. 

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