RiverSmart is a small, catalytic not-for-profit organisation trying to work at the grass roots level with stakeholders along the Macquarie River in central and far western NSW. We aim to help people understand how they can reduce their river ‘footprint’ to help secure the future of this river. We hope that by doing this, as a demonstration site, those living along our other rivers can learn and then apply these same practices in their own backyard.

We don’t have high operating overheads. The CEO is only paid when the organisation can afford it, and a small brigade of loyal volunteers help us with our projects. The Kookaburra Café at the Window on the Wetlands Centre is Warren, employs locals and helps generate the funds to maintain the whole site.

We could continue to operate without our volunteers and those who support our work in many various ways either with a few gold coins in our donation buckets to donating goods and services.

We hope that if you care about the future of the Macquarie river in particular, and other rivers more generally, you will consider making a cash donation or offering some of your time or other goods and services.